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Minecraft Discussion
All about Minecraft.
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Thread: Ideas to make server better,...
Posted by: NinjaRichie
Off-Topic Discussion
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Thread: Terrible decision
Posted by: ferumultimum
YouTubers / Streamers Unite
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mc[LV] - server
Server information
Information about mc[LV] server can be found here.
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mc[LV] rules
You must know and follow this rules. If u break them you will be punished!
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Thread: mc[LV] - server rules
Posted by: JBG
Server Bugs, Glitches & Fixes
Here you can report all of server Bugs, Glitches & Fixes if you found some.
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Thread: Render Distance
Posted by: NinjaRichie
Hackers and bug users.
Here you can report server hackers and illegal bug users.
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Thread: SharkPlatinum Unban Appeal
Posted by: trubiniekss

mc[LV] applications
Ingame applications
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Thread: Helper Application
Posted by: koljasm2
WEB applications
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