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InsanKun unban appeal
originaliltDate: Thursday, 27.07.2017, 04:41 | Message # 1
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3. Hacked items

4. I was banned because JBG found out that one of my sethomes went to a hacked
weapons vault that Royal owned. He looked through the history of who
touched the chest and my name was on it.

5. I plan to improve by trying my best to distance my self from Royal. I also plan to never use
hacked weapons again regardless if even a staff member(or a corrupt
staff member) gives me one just because. I will improve on my behavior
on the server(which was mostly non hostile already) and finally I will
improve on my self awareness of people hacking, using hacked clients. I
will try my best to report them to the staff, and if that hacker is in
close relation of me, I will try my absolute hardest to report them to
the staff so they can be dealt with. Also, I will clear my name, meaning
I'm going clean, No hacks, No hacked clients, No hacked weapons,
nothing that can modify my client in a negative way.

6. I wished to be unbanned because I miss playing on the server. I also miss the
server exclusive events that mclv only has(like the job one currently.) I
miss my MCMMO stats, my house, and a few other building that I've
either constructed or help contribute another player's build. I miss
everyone that I was well acquainted with(Richie, stalh, ferum just to
name a few), and I wish I could go back and undo what I've done, but I
can't really.  Lastly, I miss all the memories I've had on the server
that were positive, not the negative ones.

(Also, I made a reddit post featuring pictures of the Royal village from MCLV. Reddit link will be dm-ed to JBG or whoever looks at this appeal.)

Added (27.07.2017, 04:41)
The reddit post I mentioned.
My friends and I made a village on a server and called it the 'Royal Republic Village'https://www.reddit.com/r....ver_and

JBGDate: Monday, 07.08.2017, 19:51 | Message # 2
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Forum » mc[LV] - server » Hackers and bug users. » InsanKun unban appeal (unban appeal.)
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