Welcome to MC[LV]

To keep the community of this server happy and protected, we made several rules and guidelines!

Rule #1
[Respect others]
Do not curse or instigate a flamewar in chat. Keep chat civil as possible.

Rule #2
[No harassing / swearing of staff and members]
Do not harass the staff or members or you will be punished Also swearing is illegall.

Rule #3
[English only in main Chat]
Seek a staff to help you if you can't speak English. Use google translate to communicate or private messages /msg [name]

Rule #4
[Listen to the server staff]
Do not try to argue with a staff. Always listen to their advice/warnings.

Rule #5
[No spawn killing|Newbie killing]
Avoid killing players with [Guest],[New],[Peasant] rank in the server. Spawn killing is also not allowed. 

Rule #6
[No griefing][Faction exception]
Any form of griefing in survival world or skyblock will not be tolerated. Do not grief faction spawn or you will get banned.

Rule #7
[Do not use hacked clients]
Anyone caught using Nodus/Wurst/Impact and other hacked clients will result in IP ban.

Rule #8
[Afk machine and item duping is not allowed]
Your rank will be lowered if you use afk machines. Item duping will get your whole item wiped.

Rule #9
[Don't share creative items to survival players]
Do not give items to survival/faction/skyblock players. Your c-builder rank will be removed.

Rule #10
[Do not accept items that were given from creative]
Anyone who are caught receiving items from creative players and keeping them will result in a ban. Destroy the item and alert any online staff.

Rule #11
[Excessive cursing and racism in chat is not allowed]
Anyone who violate this rule will be temp-muted and warned.

Rule #12
[Advertising other server and spamming is not allowed]
Avoid saying other server's ip in chat. Do not spam the chat with nonsense.

Rule #13
[Anyone caught participating in illegal activities will be punished]
This rule has no exception. Report someone if they are breaking the rules.

(CapsLock, Spam, Swearing, Repeating one message contstantly, Duping)

Rule #14
[Avoid copying people's name and impersonating staff members]
Anyone caught participating in this activity will get warning or baned.

Rule #15
[Multi accounting!]
Multiaccounting is illegal --> You can get IP ban for that

Rule #16
[Have fun!]
Play fair and you will enjoy the server. Cheat and you will be punished!

If you have any questions regarding the server, don't hesitate to ask a staff member.

Rules for:

  • Minecraft server
  • #mclv channel in Discord server
  • #general channel in Discord server
  • Forum
  • Web Chat


Visit our website: http://mclv.clan.su 
Join our discord chat: https://discordapp.com/invite/DwyQkVf
For Bug/Hacking/Suggestion: http://mclv.clan.su/index/server_reports/0-40
For Donation and server Shop: https://mclv.minecraftmarket.com/