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Hello dear players!

As we all know some time before we updated server to 1.11 version, but that isn't all what you know.

Also we changed some game play rules and commands.

  • /sethome removed from Factions world
  • /afk replaced with auto AFK
  • /kits removed from SkyBlock
  • Brewing stands working now
  • Updated newest McMMO versions (If you lost your stats please fill the report form at web)
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Update includes:

  • New Spawn (Halloween update)
  • Hardcore (Halloween update)
  • New ranking system
  • New ranks
  • Edited and new /kits
  • Drop from trees (Halloween update)
  • Incrased VOTE (Halloween update)
  • New Report and suggestion form
  • New spleef arena
  • Heads drop at deat

Halloween update will be on till 05.11.2016

Player ranks:

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Hello dear mc[LV] players.
As we all know soon is HALLOWEEN (at October 31)

I am glad to inform you that we will have 2 Halloween events!
Time from 07.10.2016 - 31.10.2016

  1. Jack-o'-lantern event.To participate in this event you must make Jack-o'-lantern in mc[LV] - minecraft server and place sign near to Jack-o'-lantern with text mc[LV] server and your name! The three best Jack-o'-lanterns will win prizes for 1st, 2nd ,3rd places.
    • 1st place - 1 mclv shop voucher with 100% discount
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Hello dear players.

As we all know c-builder selections is finished. But now we starting to look for 3 NEW [Helpers].

Please vote for your favorite player and hive him a chance to be server [Helper]

Poll will be active till 25.08.2016 at this date we will promote 3 most voted players to rank [Helper].


mc[LV] staff

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Congratulations to Rizy and Jovys thay made that!

From 10.08.2016 Rizy and Jovys will be server C-Builders. They will be tested for 14 days (till 24.08.2016) if they not pass test period they will be demented to they main ranks.

All who see an illegal action or other rule breaking method report them immediately! Here in comment or engage by /report

[staff]R_Jayy_Kae will be Supervises for them, if they don`t listen him they will be punished!

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Hello Players!

mc[LV] staff opened a discord channel for better communications.

To join discord group press on link: https://discord.gg/DwyQkVf

For more info please visit: https://discordapp.com/


mc[LV] staff

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C-Builder application closed and now you can choose your favorite by voting.

Only 2 players who got more votes will get builder job.


Voting till 10.08.2016

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Hello dear players.

As you all see JBG and R_Jayy_Kae is busy and coming in-game not so often and Biomes is only one but newcomers and some oldones sometimes need staff help.


We are looking for team member who can be in-game helper or c-builder.!

Helper application is opened from 30.07.2016 - 10.08.2016

C-Builder application is opened from CLOSED.


To apply application please enter URL belo ... Read more »

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Hello dear players!

We are pleased to announce that the server has finally opened shop. (To active use /shop)  In shop you can buy a server ranks, activate different commands and buy some useful things - items, armor, weapons, tools and enchants.


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Hello dear players.

All of you seen the in last days server get attacked by bots and ddos attacks.

To save server from attacks we decided to add new pluggin which protect us from attacks.

How it works - All players who is online more than 5 minutes automatically has add`ed to white list, when attack starts server turning on whitelist so no bots can enter server. After bot attack is ended server stays in whitelist for more 5 minutes. So if you joining to server and can`t join because of message about bot blocking and 5 minutes waiting time please wait a bit and try again. You will be available to join when server again turns to normal mode!

Remember this is for use safely!


mc[LV] - staff

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