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Hello dear players!

We fully completed server group command list at web.

Full command list you can find HERE.

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Hello mc[LV] players!

We moved old map to backups and made new world.

Old players who want join to old map will be available to do that after I make warps and iZone work on that map.


Now we have new game plugins and worlds:

  • SkyBlock
  • McMMo - RPG plugin
  • GroupMananger removed and installed PermissionsEx

Regards mc[LV] staff.

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Server maps are restored successfully.
We have uploaded all the latest maps available to us from the old server.

New map mc[LV]2 now available on or /warp wpr2 or /wild
Now to do list is configure the plugins and increase players max slots.

Have a nice day.

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If you 've played in the past on our server and you have lost your account details please contact us and we will try to restore it.

You must send us a private message with your old and new account details.

  • old account name and password
  • new account name

If any of the details will not be sent. Old account will not be able to move to the new.

Accepting only private messages.


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Currently we are uploading old maps and refreshing accounts. All account information will be deleted.

Server is up again tomorrow when I finished work on mc[LV] configuration files.

For more info please look at our web page.

When server be ready you receive e-mail in your mail box.

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Hello everyone!!

Good news for all mc[LV] players. We have decided to re-open our server, but this time to host 24/7. The server will be available anytime and anywhere. Old backups will be restored to new host. While at the beginning it will be only four slots, but over time the number of slots will be increased.

I look forward to your understanding.

Thank you all.


server ip: mclv.serverminer.com 

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Server is running in beta version, so it can be offline more than online. :)

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TO make server run 24/7 we need fast donate or server will close.

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Please donate to server to make it 24/7.

All donators will recive V.I.P Service.
You can use:
- SMS payment
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