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[EDITED - 09.08.13] Bad news.
Hello beloved community, im coming to you, with some bad news.
The thing is, my computer is messed up, from all the sever hosting.
(Video chip has burned down, and computer stays turned on for a little
while, and on an overload, just freezes.) 

Soo, im asking for your help.. Donations, for dedicated server which are around 20$ in-total. Why am I asking this all of a sudden? Well, there are 2 major reasons.

1) Hosting the server for all of you, has actually damaged my computer alot, and this is the second video card, about to get messed up

2) On 1st August im moving to Scotland, and the server just might shut down for awhile, long while.

You see, you guys won't donate for me, but for yourselves.


+ All the donatros will receive [V.I.P] TAG + Creative + Other great stuff. All donators will be almost like OP.!


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