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Halloween event finished

Hello dear mc[LV] players.
As we all know soon is HALLOWEEN (at October 31)

I am glad to inform you that we will have 2 Halloween events!
Time from 07.10.2016 - 31.10.2016

  1. Jack-o'-lantern event.To participate in this event you must make Jack-o'-lantern in mc[LV] - minecraft server and place sign near to Jack-o'-lantern with text mc[LV] server and your name! The three best Jack-o'-lanterns will win prizes for 1st, 2nd ,3rd places.
    • 1st place - 1 mclv shop voucher with 100% discount
    • 2nd place - $ 250 000
    • 3rd place $ 100 000
    • Other palces will receive $ 10 000 and 30 diamonds.

  1. Halloween cave event. To participate in this event you must make the scariest cave with Halloween decorations. You must put a sign on start of cave with mc[LV] + your name. The best cave owner will win mclv shop voucher with 100% discount + $ 200 000 All other who took part in event and not win will receive $ 30 000





To participate in events you must take a screenshoot with your job and upload it at http://mclv.clan.su/photo/ in section (Halloween event) and then replay link in this post!

Event rules.
You can:

  • You can participate in both events.
  • You can make in party (prize will get party not each user).
  • You can use free pumpkin and web shops at spawn.

You must:

  • You must follow the rules.
  • You must upload image at our image host.
  • You must be the best!
  • You must finish till 31.10.2016
  • You must register in our web to add image!

You can`t:

  • You can`t ask for help staff or helpers.
  • You can`t ask for help players who bought creative.
  • You can`t upload images witch is not yours (I will check ingame).
  • You can`t sell our voucher (if you try I will ban voucher).
  • You can`t steal ideas.


After event finish all will vote for best work.

All amounts of $$ in this post is in-game cash!

Voucher will be for LvL 1-2 shop items.


Aviable packages:

  1. Donor Lv1 or Lv2
  2. KeepInventory Lv1 or Lv2
  3. McMMO +50 or +100
  4. + $ 100`000 or + $ 500 000
  5. BackPack Lv1 or Lv2 or Lv3
  6. Server ranks (any)
  7. Commands (/fix or /fly cmd for 30 days)


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