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Greetings dear mc[LV] Players!
Christmas is just right around the corner and our staff team has 
created 3 Special Events
for you to enjoy the holiday season!


Have you ever dreamed of building your OWN Christmas tree? 
Join this Christmas Event and let your imagination run wild! 
Decorate it with your creativity and show us what you got! 
Everybody that wants to participate 
have to build and decorate a Christmas tree of any size and 
upload your post in the MC[LV] website gallery and reply your entry to this post!


Evil Santa is coming for ya! He is scared of his own mirror reflection,
build a pixel art you think 
resembles Evil Santa and keep him away and protect the server! 
You will get awesome rewards!
Everyone have to build a pixel art of the Nightmare/Evil 
Santa they have in their mind and they must make it look as evil as possible 


Have you ever dreamed of riding on a sleigh while the reindeer's carry you
into the winter sky? This is your chance to make that dream come true!
Build and decorate a reindeer and get a chance to win our awesome event rewards!
To those who want to participate in this event, you will need to build 
the best reindeer and decorate it! Make sure you take a screenshot of your work 
with your name and upload it to our website then reply that entry to this post.


No Asking creative users for help [unless you are both in the same team]
No Asking helpers or any staff member for help
No Copying of ideas
Send your entry before deadline
Rule-breakers will be disqualified from participating on any event 
You can't sell our Vouchers [it will get revoked]
You can't use images that are not yours
You must let the staff members know if you are in the same team
The event vouchers are only given once to a team. 
[not all members will get voucher]
Everyone will vote for the best work after the event deadline!

Event winners will receive vouchers for the MC[LV] Shop

Build the tree Winners
1st Place: 5 USD Voucher
2nd Place: 3 USD Voucher
3rd Place: 2 USD Voucher

Your Nightmare Santa Winners
1st Place: 150,000 In game Gold
2nd Place: 100,000 In game Gold
3rd Place: 50,000 In game Gold

Build your Christmas Reindeer Winners
1st Place: /fly cmd [30 days] or /kit donor
2nd Place: /fix cmd [30 days] or /kit veteran
3rd Place: keepinventory LV1 or /kit master


Event Deadline
Start: 20/12/2016
Ending: 02/01/2017


Happy holidays everyone and we hope that you enjoy these events!

- mc[LV] Team



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