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New launcher is requiredhttp://adf.ly/RYgjs

Simply open - "Minecraft Launcher Offline Patcher", and setup your ingame name.
Afterwards run - "Minecraft" and join ip ... Read more »
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Hello beloved community, im coming to you, with some bad news.
The thing is, my computer is messed up, from all the sever hosting.
(Video chip has burned down, and computer stays turned on for a little
while, and on an overload, just freezes.) 

Soo, im asking for your help.. Donations, for dedicated server which are around 20$ in-total. Why am I asking this all of a sudden? Well, there are 2 major reasons.

1) Hosting the server for all of you, ... Read more »
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We've just updated the server to 1.6.1., Which has many new, fun and awesome features..


http://tinyurl.com/p55gz38 ... Read more »
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Hey Hey.

Video Event are coming. With reward for 2 first places.

1st place  - $ 500 000 
2nd place - $ 250 000 

Chek news every day or you miss the great event with amazing rewards. 

web: http://mclv.clan.su
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New title will be given ONLY for trusted players.
What is trusted players? Trusted player playing this server almost all the day and not 10mins or hour, but MORE.!

Trusted Playres will get new cmd`s like -fly. -jump, -tp

All cmds:

/fly - with this vmd you can fly
/jump - with this cmd you can aim to block and jump on it by typing /jump
/tp - allow you to teleport to players 
/invsee - allow you to see other players inventories (/invsee [player])
/co i - allow you to see blocks info, to chek who are gifed that block or who are placed it. (type /co i and then just click with mouse to blocks or try to place new block.
And also you can create wireless redstone vires. More info ... Read more »
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Yeey, we have new - fresh map named "Emeraldworld". You can use this map to find ores and get there other materials.

Map will be refreshed every 10 days so please don`t build there nothing, to keep this map every 10 days it will be generate to new one so you lost all what you build here.

So DON`T BUILD in Emeraldworld or you liost all what you build there.

Regards JBG
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Group Comands:
  • /warnings - see your warnings
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All of you know that bug when your screen is black and you cant do nothing.
So to slowe that problem i will close server for 15 - 30 minutes tu rebuild server from 0 and run it in fres version.
Please be patient.

Server BACK Online.

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Welcoming a new Moderators.

-) Fotis45
-) shafin6777
-) kunda_Pro

Here you can find the moderator duties and rules.
If someone violates any rule, you can safely blow the whistle HERE.

Catch that lazy mod and report HERE by comment
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Now you can use extra inventory ingame by typing a cmd.

To open extra inventory - backpack: /backpack
To upgrade more slots: /backpack upgrade (upgrade is for ingame $$$)

More info read HERE.
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