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New Title [Super Builder]
New title will be given ONLY for trusted players.
What is trusted players? Trusted player playing this server almost all the day and not 10mins or hour, but MORE.!

Trusted Playres will get new cmd`s like -fly. -jump, -tp

All cmds:

/fly - with this vmd you can fly
/jump - with this cmd you can aim to block and jump on it by typing /jump
/tp - allow you to teleport to players 
/invsee - allow you to see other players inventories (/invsee [player])
/co i - allow you to see blocks info, to chek who are gifed that block or who are placed it. (type /co i and then just click with mouse to blocks or try to place new block.
And also you can create wireless redstone vires. More info HERE

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